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Photographer Dylan Forsberg wants to tell you things about himself that most people would hesitate to bring up in therapy — like the emotional turmoil of his first relationship and his own attempted suicide. The former model’s life has been fast and messy and he’s made it a point to share all the rough edges in the second issue of his upcoming Transmission magazine.

It’s on Kickstarter, although it’s already received enough funding to go to print on paper so soft and fine that Dylan says flipping through it is almost like holding someone’s hand. Ordering the issue before the noon deadline this Tuesday will basically be a way to pre-order a copy as well as get prints and other extras.

You can read an excerpt of Dylan’s introduction online but be warned that it ends on a stomach-clinching cliffhanger. I asked why he decided to share such personal details and he explained that his hope is for Transmission to inspire readers to work through the confusion and contradictions in their own lives and understand that they’re not alone in their struggle.

To mold the entire magazine to fit this purpose, Dylan took photos of friends like Kasia Struss and Alana Zimmer as they shared their own personal stories. By packaging these together, he’s tried to create the most intimate and honest look into their lives. Dylan has also recruited contributions from artists Elyse Saunders and Emerald Rose Whipple, and photographer Paul Maffi, who received half of the magazine to share his own take on Transmission’s theme of transparency.

“I think by seeing that someone is going all the way and not pulling any punches,” Dylan said, “I think that gives people the courage to be like, ‘You know what, I can do that same thing.’ Once they do express themselves, they can put it out there and have it be seen so it’s not just like writing in a diary and throwing it away."

If enough people follow his example, he hopes, then this could be the start of a movement centered around honesty and acceptance instead of the artificial ideals of perfection that are so frequently spread through popular culture. “Hopefully other magazines will realize that that’s what people like because people are starting to follow this idea,” Dylan said. “Maybe that will change advertising, maybe that will change America, maybe that will change the world.”

Pre-order Transmission Magazine’s second issue on Kickstarter here, and view a virtual copy of the first issue here.

Photos and artwork provided by Dylan Forsberg

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