Milk Made Mixtape: Summer Vibes

Every Monday we’re featuring a playlist by one of our discerning friends. This week’s playlist comes from Milk Made’s resident photographer-writer-musician-adventurer Jamie Burke.

Summertime in New York is sticky, to say the least. For those of us not blessed with Gucci loafers and a sex dungeon in the Hamptons, we shall be forced to make our own fun. You’ll find us sweating with our pals in the various live venues of Manhattan and Brooklyn, trying to pick up girls and boys who haven’t been invited out East — or playing solo Bikram bed karate after too many Diet Cokes.

Whether you’re a Flaming Lips fanatic or an avid listener of rare Jamie xx remixes, this playlist is for you. I’ve compiled some of my favorite tunes of 2013 that are perfect for a summer’s afternoon. Whoever you are, wherever you are, please feel free to get loose to these tunes with or without your clothes on. JB

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