Milk Made + Myspace: Misenscene, The 90's Edition

Milk Made recently set up shop in Los Angeles in order to bring our unique form of controlled ruckus to the West Coast. After searching high and low for a really good time in our new city, we’ve come to the conclusion that Los Angeles doesn’t really have a whole lot to offer in the way of a good party. Sure, you might be able to throw on a black bikini and let the mascara run down your face over at Night Swim, but aren’t we all a little sick of going to a pool party with a bunch of way-too-cool kids that can’t get water on their G-Star jeans?

Milk Made could not sit idly by and watch the West Coast underappreciate their potential for a great party scene. So we teamed up with our favorite computer nerds over at Myspace to put together what will become the end-all-be-all of parties on the sunset coast. See Also: Misenscene

You know those parties where everything feels totally right? Where everyone is floating on the same good vibes and a room full of strangers feels like a room full of best friends? That was the feeling of Misenscene. No one was too cool to cover the white cyclorama of Mack Sennett Studios with their own form of graffiti (including local street artist turned gallery hero [Thank You X]( and artist Kyle Harper who tagged up the entire hallway entrance with his artwork.) No noses were stuck up in the air when it came time to jump in for a photo shoot with photographer Phil Sanchez. No high heels were too expensive to get wild on the dance floor while Plastic Plates was spinning. Even actors like Penelope Mitchell of Hemlock Grove and Justin Chatwin of Showtime’s Shameless kept it weird with us ’til the bitter end.

We act like we don’t like to toot our own horn, but we have to openly pat ourselves on the back for this one. Los Angeles, we can safely say your week nights are gonna be a lot more fun now that we are in town. If you couldn’t make it out last Thursday for the festivities don’t fret, this is the first of many parties under the title Misenscene that Milk Made & Myspace will be throwing together.

We are both contractually obligated and also extremely excited to give a special thanks to all of our rad sponsors for helping us make this event happen: Segura Viudas, TapeƱa, Svedka, *Singha,Hint, Red Bull,, Made in Earth, and Strita.

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