Milk Made Mixtape: Summer's End

Every Monday we’re featuring a playlist by one of our discerning friends. This week’s playlist comes from Fohr Card Co-Founder James Nord.

Who can say where the summer goes? When salt-stained and sun-kissed skin feels cool for the first time in months, the passage from summer to fall has always been bittersweet. A time to think about the careless days spent in reverie, but also to reflect on all of the things you didn’t do: road trips skipped, promised camping trips unfulfilled and a sad lack of beach days. Our lives always seem to block the perfect summer, and so we vow to do better next year. To take that trip, pack those bags, turn that phone off.

I created this playlist to remind us all that while we are on our final descent into autumn, summer is not dead yet. Take a few more laps around the sun with some of my old favorites: a sometimes-forgotten Elvis piece, "Reconsider Baby" and Marc Cohn’s throw up to Americana, "Silver Thunderbird." Everything on this playlist is old, but I hope some of it is new to you.

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