Ball So Hard: The Fall Classic Preview

Our friends from Fohr Card and Blind Barber are throwing down on the basketball court tonight for a Fall Classic between menswear editors and fashion industry insiders in Tompkins Square Park. To preview the action, we caught up with a few all-stars to steal the secrets to their balling skills.

How good of a basketball player are you?

Jeff Laub, Blind Barber: I’ve been known to hold my own on the court. I may not be jumping as high as I was in high school but if I get into a rhythm it’s lights out.

Jace Lumley, GQ: I’m alright, I played a game or two on the playground when I was younger, pretty sure I still got it!

Brian Trunzo, Carson Street Clothiers: Basketball isn’t really my game. I’m a football and hockey player by nature. That being said, I am confident enough in my athletic abilities to not make a fool of myself out there. It’s really about knowing your limits: hustle hard, play defense, take only open shots and get to the hoop if and when you can.

What’s on your pre-game playlist?

J. Laub: J.Cole, Wu Tang – Forever (the double album) and Black Rob

J. Lumley: Currently, it would have to be Jay Z – Beach is Better; Drake – Started From the Bottom; Rick Ross – So Sophisticated; TNGHT – Higher Ground

B. Trunzo: That hard stuff, you know, like Onyx’s "Bacdafucup" and Wu-Tang’s "36 Chambers," because that’s my generation and I’m not playing around this Fall Classic- WE SERIOUS!

Signature move that works every time?

J. Laub: Jab step off a left-handed dribble, pull back for a jumper. Have to have a quick release though. There’s gotta be a better way to phrase that huh?

J. Lumley: You can’t beat a good crossover. It’s a simple, classic move as long as you can really sell it.

B. Trunzo: That UTEP Two Step

Which basketball player do you idolize for their game? Which player for their style?

J. Laub: Iverson for both questions.

J. Lumley: Stephen Curry for his playing style and Russell Westbrook for his off-the-court style.

B. Trunzo: Growing up, I was obsessed with Tim Hardaway. I remember playing Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs on my Sega Genesis. He was unstoppable, so fast, so smooth. As a Knicks fan, I was torn: how could I cheer on a Miami Heat player in the mid-’90s?! As per style? That’s easy: Anthony Mason. Those haircuts! AM I RIGHT?!

You just got the game winning shot. How do you celebrate?

J. Laub: Beers at Blind Barber

J. Lumley: I’m not a very theatrical guy, I’d probably just walk over to my bench and take a seat. They know who hit the shot. I’d let my teammates take care of the celebrating.

B. Trunzo: Walk off the court dignified, sans celebration. Take a cue from Mario Balotelli: "When I score, I don’t celebrate because it’s my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he celebrate?"

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