Meet the Tumblr Crew: Part II

Meet the second half of the Tumblr crew as they get primed and ready to take on MADE Fashion Week.

Michael Donovan

As far as we can tell, Michael Donovan’s job is to hang out with beautiful women who never quite remember to finish dressing in the morning. There’s something raw and beautiful about his photos, which explains why they’ve popped up in places like Nylon and Bullett. And with all that success, Michael is still always ready to answer questions from his massive Tumblr following. Whaddaguy.

First Camera? My parents owned a Kodak 110 that I was allowed to play with. It was either that or a polaroid.

First photo you took that you loved? It was a handheld night shot of an alley doorway that was all blurry. It looked like a painting and I felt a sense of being an artist.

Favorite Band? It’s always changing. My favorite music is really Icaros, which is sung live at Ayahuasca ceremonies… do the Shaman and his assistants count as a band?

MADE Fashion Week designer you’re most looking forward to? Definitely Cuchnie et Ochs. Carly and Michelle are two of the best in NYC and their work matches my aesthetic.

Fashion VIP you’re most likely to stalk? That’s hardcore top secret.

Matt Perone

Matt Perone is one lucky guy. He gets paid to post cool images on the internet. He handles both Sandbox Studios and his own tumblr where you’ll find yourself smiling at cute baby photos and dreaming through shots of Grimaldi’s delicious pizza.

First camera? I had the dopest Where’s Waldo camera when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I remember how big of a deal the on-camera flash was. My Waldo camera shot 110 & had a flash! But, the flash wasn’t even the best part – there was a tiny Waldo printed on a small, transparent piece of plastic that was fixed onto the camera, placed just inside the frame. Every photo printed had a tiny Waldo in frame. Waldo was in all of my photos & I couldn’t have been happier.

First photo that you took that you loved? Probably something I shot in High School. I rowed crew throughout and photographed the regattas with my parent’s Kodak Advantix. I started carrying it around while I was out with friends, too. I must’ve shot something cool, or saw something I liked around that time. I’d say that was about when the thought of pursuing photo, or simply the idea of studying a specific field made sense.

Favorite band? I still love Fall Out Boy. I grew up in Chicago – er, maybe I should preface with my junior high love for Silverchair? Or how Dookie was the first CD I owned? I went to shows, listened to Q101 and watched Alternative Nation. I started paying attention to pop punk later though. My buddies introduced me to Something Corporate in college, which led me to discover The Starting Line, Brand New, then ultimately finding Take This To Your Grave. Blink already happened a few years earlier, but pop punk had now developed a scene and Fall Out Boy was at the forefront.

MADE Fashion Week designer you’re most looking forward to? I mean, images from Jeremy Scott’s show & The Blonds’ show always seem to take over my Tumblr dashboard during NYFW. I’m really looking forward to seeing their shows and documenting all the backstage beauties & antics.

Fashion VIP you’re most likely to stalk? All I know is Gaga’s about to drop a new album & her boy Nicola just rebooted Diesel.

Lauren Kristin

Lauren Kristin’s tumblr is an epic visual diary. She uses it to document everything from her watercolor paintings, to cuddle sessions with her boyfriend and even to display snapshots of weird chatroulette encounters she has. With her unique sense of expression, it is no wonder that the tumblr community loves her.

First camera? A disposable camera! To be honest disposable cameras are my favorite camera to use. I like to run around and not have to worry about expensive equipment. That is, I used disposables way before I got into SLRS.

First photo that you took that you loved? A photo I took while in a plane en route to Australia of the sunrise over the Pacific. I’d never been in a plane before and was completely enamored with the idea of being above the clouds.

Favorite band? I listen to all sorts of music though my standard bands I’m always in the mood for are the Avett Brothers, Aunt Martha, Trevor Hall, etc.

MADE Fashion Week designer you’re most looking forward to? Louise Goldin.

Fashion VIP you’re most likely to stalk? I’m not one for stalking much, [cue giggle] but I met Tim Gunn a few times and he’s a pretty awesome guy.

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