They've Got A Golden Ticket: Our Fashion Week Instagram Stars

Made Fashion Week is an instagram gold mine. Seriously, for a photographer, finding postable photographs is like shooting fish in a barrel… extremely beautiful fish in an extremely chaotic barrel. We here at Milk Made have decided to grant four of our favorite fashion-minded Instagram sensations the unique opportunity of getting to peer behind the velvet curtain of Made Fashion Week with the sole intent of capturing 612px X 612px memories of their daily experiences.

I guess that sorta makes us the Willy Wonkas of Fashion Week.

But before our Oompa Loompa’s break into songs regarding the untimely (but oh-so moral enhancing) demise of each member of our group of professional cellphone photographers, we might as well take a minute out of our busy schedule to introduce you to the golden ticket holders.

But let’s be snappy about it. There’s so much time and so little to do. Wait a minute… Strike that. Reverse it.

Audrey Kitching: That’s right folks, everyone’s favorite pink haired Buzz-Netting blogger that got über cyber-famous by being one of Myspace’s Top 8 (get it?) youthful fashionistas back in the day. Since then, the gorgeous internet icon has amassed an even larger following as she models, hosts and reviews her way to through all things fashion as Buzznet‘s Fashion Editor-At-Large. With an Instagram following in the triple digits, we’d be stupid not to let the lovely lady linger backstage.
Instagram handle: @akitching

Bryant Eslava: Bryant first came to us by way of Tumblr. He attended fashion week with the Tumblr crew back in 2012 and we were so enamored with his skills as a photographer that he has had a standing pass to come back and shoot backstage with us every season since. So inviting him to come and snap shots via instagram of the models backstage is basically just us inviting our friend to come hang out. Shut up, it’s our fashion week… we’ll do what we want!
Instagram handle: @bryanteslava

Margaret Zhang: We met Margaret Zhang, the Fashion Director of Shine By Three one night during a fashion week long since past. Our friend Jessica Stein (whose instagram handle has also adorned the list of our top favorite instagrams in the universe) brought the young Australian girl with her to meet us for dinner. We caught one glimpse of Margaret’s million dollar smile and our eyes went all heart shaped. Since that dinner we have watched her cult following grow exponentially and the photography adorning her style blog becoming more and more impressive. The girl knows what she’s doing. We’re excited to watch her work. Instagram handle: @margaret__zhang

Jenna Russell x Ugly Magazine: The Online Fashion Editor for Ugly Magazine, Jenna Russell, was embedded inside MADE Fashion Week’s DNA right from the start. She was one of the very first interns we used to help create our fashion week Mash-Up Videos as well as one of the most stylish. Nowadays Jenna is keeping things stylish for Ugly Magazine, a Utah based editorial that keeps Jenna connected with some of our West Coast Milk Underground photographers like Steven Stone, Chris Swainston, and many others. Ugly has a different take on all things Fashion and that’s exactly why we want ’em around. Can’t wait to get weird with Jenna on the sidelines of the runway.
Instagram handle(s): @uglymag & @jruss9

Mandy Murphy: Mandy Murphy is a sizzling hot babe from Florida. Her Instagram follows her adventures as a working model as well as her daily life… which looks pretty laid back if we do say so ourselves. We found out Mandy was gonna be in town for the week of fashion and so we rang her up and told her to drop Milk and we’d take her to some parties and shows. Mandy’s nothing if not good vibes. Plus… it’s always easier to get a doorman to let you in if you’re rolling with a girl as hot as she is.
Instagram handle: @mandymurphy

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