Back to the Streets with Pyer Moss

You may have seen Pyer Moss draped around Rihanna’s shoulders back in January — before the first collection even hit stores. What can we say, designer Kerby Jean-Raymond knows how to make even sweat pants look good. We checked in with the fashion young gun to learn more about his own streetwear style icons and inspirations.

Milk Made: Who are your menswear style icons?

Kerby Jean-Raymond: I like Ryan Gosling a lot. His role in Place Beyond the Pines is actually the reason why I did this collection after motocross. When I really got into leather jackets — bombers and stuff — it was because of his role in the film, Drive. Kanye West is a huge influence too, as far as attitude goes. Rihanna’s a big one too. I kind of design with Rihanna in mind. She wears a lot of menswear pieces. I think, "Can the GQ writer and Rihanna wear this?" I remember thinking, "This is really GQ, let’s add zippers — there’s Rihanna."

MM: How would you describe your personal style?

KJ: I get teased about this everyday. I wear a uniform. I wear a gray shirt, cargo pants, and bright sneakers everyday. I love bright sneakers. I hate showing my arms and I have really skinny wrists and as much as I work out, I can’t get my arms bigger so I always try to layer something on my arms. I like dressing up in a T-shirt and jeans, but I also like wearing suits, tuxedo jackets and things like that too. I love leather jackets. When it gets a little nippy out, even when it hits sixty-eight degrees outside, I have my leather jacket on just ‘cause I can.

MM: What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

KJ: I like Nikes. I wear my Yeezy 2s almost everyday. I can’t wait for the red ones to come out. My favorite pair of sneakers are the Puma RS100 Emergency Pack in fluorescent orange.

MM: Why the bright colors though?

KJ: I wear a lot of muted colors on top so the sneakers pop and I’ve always been into sneakers. My first job was at a sneakers store so one day we’ll get into shoes and I will kill that game.

Photo by Chaunte Vaughn

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