In the sauna-esque (in appearance and scent, not temperature) third floor of The Standard, High Line, Sino-Scottish, Ithaca raised designer Titania Inglis had built out a grey concrete-lookalike mini stage, topped with small scaffolding-type grey pyramids. After all, Inglis did mention her main inspirations for this Spring – Summer 2014 collection were the prismatic works of both Olafur Eliasson and Buckminster Fuller.

Indeed, prism and geometry were over-running themes for this collection : a yellow, white and grey dress with triangular cut-out shapes, a grey matching two-piece outfit with brassiere and mini-shorts, a constructed grey leather skirt with integrated jewels matched with a white floppy back-less top, high wedges and chunky heels…. Not to mention Inglis’ collaboration with jewelry designer WXYZ, which was right on point : a geometrical microcosm of symmetrical and delicate brass “body scaffolding”, at times integrated in the pieces of clothing, or wrapped around the models bodies–their legs, arms, fingers, wrists, hair buns… They resembled beauty cages, locking in Inglis’ prismatic elegance.

Photos by Justin LeBlanc

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