Back to the Streets with Public School

Public School took home the Swarovski Menswear Designer of the Year award this summer, so it goes without saying that the brand is making headway in the fashion world. In the third installment of our street style series, we checked in with designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne.

Milk Made: Who are your men’s street wear icons?

Dao-Yi Chow: We’re from New York, so part of our process is going for a walk and style watching all of these people that we don’t know. I think Max and I have a really similar eye in terms of what catches our attention. I wouldn’t say that there’s anyone in particular that I look at and go "Wow, I want to do that." We certainly see people out in the street who do it really well. We probably would never do it that way, but it’s still inspiring to see how well they put it together. There’s certain details that we’ll pull. But, Maxwell is my style icon.

Maxwell Osborne: He’s mine. I wish I had one since I’ve been wearing a T-shirt for the past four, five years. Black T-shirts every day.

MM: How would you guys describe each other’s style?

MO: We’ve asked this question to each other and we can never really get it. We’ve had interviews where they ask us to describe our style in three words. I just try to skip over it every time.

DYC: His is sexy. Manly. I would describe Max’s style as "perfectly imperfect." He rips his own T-shirts. It’s just off enough not to be really clean, but clean enough not look homeless. It’s also youthful with his sneakers and accessories. It feels natural.

MM: Do you feel like you make a small mark to set yourself apart as well?

DYC: Yeah, probably not as much. I’m a little cleaner than Maxwell is in terms of look wise, but we have a lot of similar references. If we’re wearing a tux it’s not classic. The references start as classic, but something about it is off- whether it’s the bow tie or the shoes. Something about it is off that makes you look at it with a tilted head.

Photo by Alexis Adam

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