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This week you partied hard, took advantage of all those open bars, and took the elevator to the 18th floor of The Standard almost every day (if you had a similar schedule to ours). So while you’re recovering with a mug of hot tea and comfort food before your flights to London or Milan, here are the week’s most audacious and lively party moments.

Most unexpected cameos: The Purple Magazine and Z Spoke blowout at The Standard. While Kanye and one of the Olsen twins hid out at Le Bain, Jason Wu came bright and early to the Boom side. “I didn’t know there was a party here of any sort,” he smiled. “I just came to celebrate my show with friends and champagne.” Two hours, and a few thousand heads later everyone got more than they bargained for.

Most civil night at the Boom: V Magazine’s private performance of violinist Hahn-Bin. Who knew that the front row types could actually ignore their e-mails for twenty-three minutes (the duration of the musician’s performance) and actually come out of The Standard feeling refreshed?

Best Concert: The National set hosted by Deleon and Milk. Maybe it’s because everyone still had 100% of their energy on the eve of Fashion Week, or maybe this band is simply awesome. It was truly a great start to the week.

Loudest party of the week: Agent Provacateur’s store opening on Madison. We don’t know who designed that sound system, but we were shocked walking into the store. It was far louder than any bash at Le Bain this week. And that’s saying a lot!

Best party accessory: Those junior high school antenna hearts worked wonders at the Theory bash!

Most suggestive party favor: Very phallic ice sculptures at Vice’s bash at Roberta’s.

Most underage nightlife crawler: Tavi at the Rodarte after-party at Riff Raff’s. Yes, we know she’s friends with the designers but it’s still slightly uncomfortable seeing a thirteen year old staying up later than you are.

–Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of BFA

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