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While some of us use Tumblr to reblog pictures of Lil Bub, there are others who use the platform to share great original content. Tumblr paired some of these bloggers with designers for a new project that debuted this fashion week. We caught up with a few to hear more about the experience.

Milk Made: How was your experience working with Marc Jacobs?

David Urbanke:It was amazing. I went into their office for a tour and saw the design room. I didn’t know what to expect so I walked around and took pictures of everything, all completely different things. The one that was chosen for this show was of the mannequins I saw.

MM: How was your experience working with Nanette Lepore?

Jaimen Sfetko: It was amazing. I was given the opportunity to be behind the scenes with Nanette herself while she was fitting the models. This photo was actually taken in her office. All around her were designers, pattern makers and market people. Everybody was in there discussing every single element of the piece. It was so cool to see how many people were involved in the process and ultimately Nanette’s creative vision. So, it was really cool.

MM: Were you a fan of hers before this project?

Jaimen Sfetko: Yeah, totally. Tumblr did a really good job of pairing us with designers that fit our aesthetic. Her constant romantic, feminine nature is something that I personally dress like and my blog focuses on so it was a great fit.

MM: How was your experience working with the CFDA?

Rachel Schwartzmann: Really really great. They’re honestly one of the most passionate teams I’ve ever met. I spent the day with them and it was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had.

MM: What types of things were you doing with them?

Rachel Schwartzmann: They basically arranged for me to interview six of the staff members, have a traditional interview, talk to them, and ask them whatever I wanted to know. I got to interview Steven Kolb, the CEO. It was different. I understand what they do now and it’s really great.

MM: How was your experience working with Band of Outsiders?

Bryant Eslava:It was cool. I actually live in California now so I was with a Los Angeles based designer.

MM:Are you a fan of the brand though?

Bryant Eslava: Yeah, its funny because the last two seasons I’ve gone to the shows here in New York. Every time I would get there they would close the doors on me so I’ve never been inside the show to actually see it. So, I finally got to see their stuff and photograph the environment. It was great.

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