Meet the Tumblr Crew: Part III

Last but not least in the Tumblr posse rolling into town for MADE Fashion Week is Bradford Gregory, a photographer whose images speak for themselves. His photographs of models in natural light are tumblr favorites. We’re looking forward to seeing how he captures them on Made Fashion Week’s runways.

Bradford Gregory

First camera? My Canon AE-1 that I got at a pawn shop when I took photo 101. I loved that camera! I ended up having a few of them

First photo that you took that you loved? I took a picture with a disposable camera of my friend Trip skateboarding, flying off a launch ramp, when I was 11 years old. It’s my personal fave.

Favorite band? New Order

MADE fashion week designer you’re most looking forward to? I really like Tim Coppens. He did designs that were based on oriental rugs and I thought it was brilliant.

Fashion VIP you’re most likely to stalk? Whoever happens to be standing in a patch of nice soft light and giving off good vibes. But will only stalk them for a minute.

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