Under the bright sun shining on The Standard, High Line’s third floor terrace, the Houghton models unveiled a very light, breezy and happy collection. Greys, whites, mints and pinks made for refreshing, clean and simple silhouettes. This season’s collection was the lovechild of menswear tailoring and feminine airy chiffon dresses. Continuously drawn to Katharine Houghton Hepburn’s elegance and affinity for menswear, the Houghton look is sleek and chic, with custom matching Birkenstocks.

Inspired by the “pure idea of Spring and the basket weave pattern on the chaise longue” she was sitting on in Miami, Malibu native Katharine Polk’s collection gave way to a great harmony of unique pieces: hand-woven basket-weave (which took about 80 hours apiece to make!) matching top and skirt, gold thread-embroidered bikini top paired with a crepe gathered waist skirt, right before the boy shorts embroidered with the same gold thread…. Another one of her 80-hours of work piece, the hand-woven basket-weave coatdress that closed the show was most certainly one of the more feminine “Houghton tomboys,” which Polk refers to!

Photos By Justin LeBlanc

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