Baller Style: The Fall Classic NYC

The Fall Classic NYC went off exactly as expected—awesome. Some of New York’s most fashionable people showed off their basketball skills for a change, turning Tompkins Square Park into something between a fashion show and a street ball tournament.

The game featured menswear brand owners, bloggers and editors slicing through the lane like bloodthirsty barracudas, pick ‘n rolling with no regard, breaking ankles with deadly crossovers and throwing elbows like Karl Malone. Well, something like that. The park was a mix of men’s fashion and NBA Jam, and it was rather impressive to watch some of New York’s best-dressed men turn up the testosterone and leave it all on the court.

Alex Maier, a.k.a. @SuperDanger, came up with the concept after noticing how much cross-pollinisation was happening between menswear and sports. With a little help from the next Jerry Sloan, Fohr Card’s Rich Tong, the game went off without a hitch, making for an event that stood out against the Fashion Week backdrop.

Like John Stockton, the night was assisted by Nike and Blind Barber, the latter hosting the after party in their back bar for a throng of loyal fans assembled for the sole purpose of having a blast.

The Indigo All-Stars might have beat the Double Riders in terms of score, but in reality, everybody won. Watching fashion intertwined with sports reminds me of when Milk put the hurt on The Standard Hotel at our annual ice hockey game. Next year, Milk’s probably gonna need to put together a basketball team, just to show the world what’s what.

I’ll probably have to start at point guard.

Photos by Scott Kaplan

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