Beach Party: CALLA Presents at MADE

Good vibes were in abundance on the Milk Studios’ eighth floor when Calla Haynes unveiled her Spring 14 collection on September 7th. With the mellow-but-insistent bounce of Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind” pulsing as a backdrop, the presentation featured a cheery palette of neon coral, turquoise and cyan arriving via of Baja ponchos, tweed bra-tops and a floral flat-brimmed baseball cap. Calla’s personal favorite was a scuba-zippered pastel baby-doll dress made from a wrinkled ultra-thin Alcantara skin. “It’s a material I’ve never seen before,” she said, calling it an “Ode to Body Glove.” “The touch is incredible.”

The Toronto native, who worked with Olivier Theyskens at Rocha, is yet another from the flock of Parsons products making a mark at Milk Made. Mixing haute design with playful pieces (boyfriend jackets, say), Haynes often employs wonderful, multilayered prints that splash with colors like the aquamarine hues of tide-pools.

This season, Haynes—who lives in Paris—returned to North America in more than just a literal sense. Spring 14 drew inspiration from retro summer movies, specifically “Back to the Beach,” a whimsical 1987 parody in which Frankie Avalon rehashes his roles from 1960s surfer flicks. “I think it was one of those movies that I watched when I was little every day for two years straight,” said Calla. “So when I watched it again it was like a dream. I knew every scene, every quote. I kept thinking about it and building a theme of something a bit sporty and sexy around swimwear and the beach.”

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