On the The Standard, High Line’s third floor terrace, a fun-looking attractive crowd was eager to see Telfar’s new collection unveil. And it did so in a very original and technologically creative way. As they walked down in their swim-inspired active-wear, each model’s face appeared across a 21 x 10” video curtain studded with thousands of LEDs completely bisecting one end of the room. Models entered from a slit in the soft screen, emerging in front of their own face, walked the runway—often in skimpy and well-tailored swimwear—before disappearing into the same screen (all made possible thanks to the help of Motorola).

With its waterproof breathable approach to clothing, Telfar’s wet or mesh dress-shirts, halter long tops and “basic” shoes all demonstrated the designer’s innovative take on fashion. “We wanted a show that would translate, that would be readily accessible and understandable, which is what fashion is,” Telfar told us.

The show presented a very reactionary statement of what the process of fashion is, all to the dictating sound of Fatima Al Qadiri’s soothing but stern voice. The effect of it reflected the recursive nature of the collection’s presentation, in which a live and prerecorded event happened simultaneously. It highlighted the high-tech swim-inspired construction and waterproof materials of the collection itself. For the finale, all 31 models emerged from behind the screen with a “real person” wearing a T-shirt with the model’s look photo-printed on it.

Photos by Justin LeBlanc & Angela Pham/

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