Getting Turned up @ Rochambeau

For their third time showing at Milk Studios during MADE fashion week, Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler wanted to step away from having a dark color schemed collection like their previous season. In doing so in their Spring Summer 2014 collection looked took to sports for some help.

The particular sport they used as their inspiration happened to be baseball, though their team is filled with cool downtown kids that wear leather, black, and are pretty much bad asses. These guys paired leather shorts with over sized jackets then added pops of yellow and white for bold contrast, all looks with bandage and gloves on their hands leaving them ready to play ball or for a bar brawl.

Though the set was the real playing field that they teamed up with Motorola to make happen. The mock stadium was made with technology in mind such as black turf screen to keep a constant background show, automoto light and sound that was used to turn the space into a mini dance off with their in house DJ, and lastly with bleacher creatures aka all the models got a Moto X to take photos of their experience for a live stream blog.

Text by Freddy Rodriguez

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