Actual Real Trend: Socks & Sandals

The scandalous socks-and-sandals combination has long been the domain of suburban dads on vacation and jocks heading home from the gym with a duffle of sweaty towels. But here at Milk, the once-dreaded duo has been popping up during MADE Fashion Week as a fresh, rejiggered look. We cornered Andres, an interior designer from New York, on the sidewalk before the Patrik Ervell show and interrogated him about his Patrik Ervell sandals and green Uniqlo toe-socks.

You’re aware of the socks-and-sandals stigma, right?

I don’t judge the socks/sandals combo at all. I think it should be done more often. It’s not a new thing for me.

Are there any rules that potential converts to the trend should be aware of?

The socks and the sandals have to go well together, that’s about it.

Is this your technique of transitioning from summer heat to September chills?

Absolutely. I’ll still wear the socks and sandals into the fall. And I hear that it’s going to be a little nippy tonight. But if I saw rain on the schedule? Shoes.

Photos by Drew Levin

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