Ready To Rumble with Rochambeau

Did you know that Rochambeau is the French version of ‘rock, paper, scissors’? I didn’t either. Here in the states (at The Standard’s Highline Room last night, to be specific), Rochambeau refers to a trio of menswear designers – Michael Venker, Joshua Cooper, and Laurence Chandler.

Rochambeau was also a great French soldier, so it’s not surprising the collection has a military theme this season. Don’t worry, its not all green and gold buttons! As Cooper explained to me, "We were inspired by a military theme, then by a traveling soldier who absorbs different cultures on his way." Indeed, this fashion battalion wore dashing yellow printed tailcoats, mysterious jersey hoodies, resplendent red scarf coats and slim cotton trousers – resulting in a fresh and worldly collection.

It’s interesting to see American designers creating something this edgy these days. Laurence Chandler explained, "The Heritage look is so big and stores are stuck in that mindset. But overseas men are so much more accepting of our designs and excited to see these kinds of clothes coming from America." Take note prep-aholics and get ready for fashion’s take on Rochambeau.

  • Cator Sparks

Photos courtesy of Rochambeau

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