Do Feed The Models

Chia seeds are what models run on. Seriously, one Chia Pod before a show and they’re good to go the rest of the day. Scan the backstage areas of MADE Fashion Week and you’ll see the place is littered with miniature orange spoons and empty plastic pods. But what is the gooey mixture they’re slurping down?

Let’s just say it’s the ultimate fiber-packed appetite suppressant. When mixed with water, or in this case coconut milk and a select fruit (banana, blueberry, or mango), these seeds create a substance that takes what seems like forever to digest. In other words, it’s a model’s dream food. Take it from the models, if you’re still copping flax as your source of appetite-suppressing omega 3, you’re behind the game. This season it’s been all about chia.

Photo by Adomako Aman and Tracy Bailey

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