Sensual and seductive Sophie Theallet models walked down the catwalk today in colorful and attractive strong looks. Made for the modern woman who needs a whole wardrobe—“the woman that works, that has a life, has kids, goes to cocktails and sometimes shoots for TV,” Theallet said—, this season’s collection unveiled an array of prints, sophistication, bright color palettes and original evening gowns. There were flowery silks with layers of luxurious black lace, turquoise and orange mini jumpsuits, and elegant printed dresses with all sorts of dominatrix-type leather straps…

Originally inspired by Rosemarie Trockel’s exhibition “A cosmos”, presented last year at the New Museum, it was a particular picture—one that reminded the designer of plant pictures her doctor father used to give her as a child—which gave Theallet the name of her “thistle” print. The designer, who loves the notion of paradox and sees women as “full of paradoxes”, was particularly attracted to the plant’s duality: it is perceived as a bad weed, yet is a powerful medicine. “Each collection is an evolution of the previous one. I am a woman, and I work in a very instinctive way.” This season, Sophie Theallet’s instincts were definitely good.

Photos by Tyler Nevitt, Adomako Aman and Nathaniel Dam

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