Chillin' With Dev Hynes

Over the past few days, we’ve spotted popular man-about-town Dev Hynes at Milk Studios during presentations from Hood By Air and Timo Weiland. The stylish British musician—who performs as Blood Orange and produced for Solange Knowles—helpfully dispensed a little wisdom on how to choose proper tunes for the catwalk.

Milk Made: As a musician, what would be your advice for selecting music for fashion presentations?

Dev Hynes: I think it’s good to pick people who aren’t necessarily professionals at music, people who just like listening to it. With the guide of someone that’s done runways, just get something that people can enjoy and not get bored of.

MM: What are some musical highlights you’ve noticed so far?

DH: Just now, pretty randomly, the last song was Kindness, who was one of my best friends when I grew up in London. So I filmed it and sent it to him.

MM: Pyer Moss played records from Kanye and ASAP Ferg, which was a nice touch.

DH: That’s kind of the new look. That’s the new fashion thing, the hip-hop style. I’m down with it going that way, you know?

MM: What would be your top pick for your own show?

DH: Probably [ASAP Ferg’s] “Shabba.”

MM: And what are you wearing today?

DH: This is a Timo jacket, and overalls from Olivia, who works at American T-shirt. They were hers since she was a teenager. And then the Hanes special.

MM: The “Orchard Street” white tee?

DH: Yeah!

Photo by David X Prutting/

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