To say this weekend at MADE Fashion Week was insane would be a straight up understatement.
But somehow, when Monday came around the Tumblr Crew was still going at it hitting up Ohne Titel and Tim Coppens runways and the Azede Jean Pierre presentation.

Michael Donovan: “Yesterday was a slower day for me and I opted to give my mind a break to just watch what was happening with less time behind the camera. When I did shoot, one area I tried to focus was on the older people who had established personal style. I loved them. They’ve seen it all throughout the decades but still have enthusiasm for seeing what could be new. They weren’t aiming at being classic or timeless or chic or trendy… they are just who they are. And I loved how they were genuinely happy and accommodating for a picture. Although they are not ‘young, new, and fresh’ there is something sexy about their energy and that is why I chose to make a gif of them. I think they represent what Fashion Week should be about more than anything else.”

Bradford Gregory: “I like to just keep pushing it and exploring. What’s in front of you is only the beginning—it’s how you interpret it that matters. By staying loose and open you can find things you never would have thought existed.”

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