Following the Timo Weiland Spring – Summer 14 show on Tuesday morning, we caught up with designers Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang in the Lexus Lounge at Milk Studios. As they sipped champagne—at 11 a.m., no less—the trio spoke about boob-baring garments, floral prints and switching off their typical Sunday presentation schedule.

Milk Made: Your pieces are always very wearable, but some of the new collection has perforations that might make the pieces difficult for women to wear on the street.

Alan: I honestly think everyone has a different approach to wearing everything. You’ll see these girls on Friday and Saturday nights in New York City, all dolled up with 17-inch heels—and I’m like “How do you do that?” But in the end, it’s silly, but people do sacrifice. We try to make everything as comfortable and wearable as possible. When someone looks like they put so much effort into something, it’s kind of silly, in my opinion. So our collection might have a lot of texture and a lot going on, but we focus on wearability and effortless fashion.

Donna: A lot of those pieces are runway pieces. When we actually do it for sales, we think about the real girl and the real boy. Some things aren’t as sheer—we’ll add a layer underneath. But for the runway, we’re more intense.

Alan: I’ve been seeing a lot of boobs lately.

Timo: There’s definitely going to be light lining, a very light silk layer. You’re not going to see anything. But it’s also super wearable, especially because girls love to show their back.

Alan: I think people can appreciate a little boob.

MM: One pattern was really interesting, almost a digital floral print.

Timo: Yeah. It’s like Joseph Frank meets historic skate/street-wear.

Alan: We started with the Vans checkerboard.

Timo: It’s our own interpretation.

MM: Normally you show on Sundays, how are you enjoying the shift to a Tuesday?

Timo: We’re so happy. This is what we wanted. We’re excited about the Tuesday party. It’s kind of like the end of Fashion Week, almost. There’s a few really amazing shows to go—some of our favorite are still left. It’s going to be an amazing night.

MM: It’s never too early for champagne, though.

Timo: Wait, how early is it?

Photo by Carly Otness/

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