We caught up with Ken Borochov after his intriguing Mordekai SS14 presentation at The Standard, High Line. Flurries of young beautiful, barely-clothed women came out in jeweled knickers and superbly over-the-top masks.

MILKMADE: What were your inspirations for this season’s collection?

KEN BOROCHOV: Its premise lies in the exploration of self-expression and self-acceptance, with a virginal yet provocative Lolita at the center. The collection is trying to convey the censorship and suppression promoted in our world that masks and cages in a deceivingly golden and prudish facade.
My influencers are Leigh Bowery, Cher, and black culture.

MM: How is it different to previous ones?

KB: This collection is the culmination of all of my past seasons. Getting this opportunity with MADE to introduce the brand is a kind of Homecoming Prom Queen moment!

MM: Tell us about some pieces you have created for "influencers"?

KB: I have worked for Lady Gaga for a couple seasons producing several pieces for her perfume campaign including custom crowns, the claw, and bracelets. I also have worked for Nicki Minaj extensively, making the jewelry for her first tour. I’m starting to work for a couple new perfumers so stay tuned ;)

MM: What music will you play during your presentation? How did you choose it?

KB: A mix of ’66s Doo-wop pop pop and some famous girl power anthems.

MM: What are your favorite Fashion Week moments?

KB: I’m here to make some.

MM: How did you find your calling to become a designer?

KB: I was born this way!

MM: Tell us about your path leading to where you have come?

KB: Listen to We Are The Champions by Queen and you’ll understand my story.

Photos by Nathaniel Dam & Raymond Croft

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