Runway Review : THE BLONDS SS 2014

Wednesday night’s rousing finale, the runway show for The Blonds, highlighted the brand’s usual festival of fabulousness. There was no hushed pretentiousness as the crowd filled Milk, no grave sense of seriousness. Instead: Feathery headdresses, exotic animal prints and enough sequins to entrance a substantial gaze of raccoons. On guest donned a military helmet with a glittery facemask that concealed glittery camouflage face-paint, a shredded olive tunic, leggings and heels. Joining the enthusiastic fray were Amanda Lepore, Eve, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton and Iggy Azalea (the last two had attended the Jeremy Scott show earlier in the afternoon).

The show kicked off with designer Phillipe Blond, who strut down a fog-swirled catwalk in a glittery gold bodysuit while brandishing an oversized space helmet. The cosmonautical theme extended many places, most obviously in references to the 1968 sci-fi classic “Barbarella,” which Phillipe declared an “absolute favorite” after the show. Models wore blonde orbs atop their heads with Spock-like ear accessories and gold eyeliner; some were strapped into metallic breastplates, others were adorned with vertical plastic triangles that provided a stegosaurus-esque look. There were tinsel capes and jackets with wired circuitry strapped to the front. “I really loved the show,” said Prince Chenoa, co-founder of “Galore” magazine, who was in the audience. “I loved the futuristic skunk – it was very Pepe!”

Influences were drawn from more than retro-future, though. “We chose five of our favorite blondes from film, art, animation and pop culture,” said David Blond, mentioning Tweedy Bird, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda and Marie Antoinette (along with Barbarella). “It was sort of all these things rolled into one. You’d be surprised how many parallels they all had in some strange way.” Phillipe concurred. “It just made sense,” she said. “It was about going on a journey and crashing and booming at Milk.” Indeed, it was mission accomplished for the Blonds’ ambitions.

Photos by Nathaniel Dam and Andrew Boyle

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