Fashion Architecture by Snarkitecture

Did you notice the giant volcano in En Noir’s presentation over the weekend — you know, the large black structure that all the models were wriggling over? Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen of Snarkitecture made it almost entirely by hand. They built it in Brooklyn over several weeks and then had to transport it piece by piece to Milk for the MADE Fashion Week presentation.

From the beginning the Snarkitecture guys knew they wanted to mess with people’s view of the En Noir collection. “There are these moments of concealing and revealing so that as the models approach the front of the set they’re actually walking through a pathway that cuts off the portion that the audience views,” Mustonen said. “So, the collection is sort of framed in different ways. There are moments where you just see the top of the torso or you may just see just the legs.”

Although the duo have worked on other collaborations with designers such as Richard Chai, they said their latest creation’s size and color — black — were a change from their usual approach. “The other thing conceptually that this project continues to develop in a new way is the collision between architectural language and this kind of unexpected almost irrational or illogical natural landscape,” Mustonen said. “In other projects we’ve explored this sort of infilling of architecture and sort of excavating from that. It’s really a combination of the two. It’s an architectural scale, but it’s also a defined cube that a landscape is sort of excavated from to allow the models to inhabit it almost like you would inhabit a building.”

Or you might want to think of it this way: Everyone’s used to seeing clothes on models who are walking down a runway or standing around like mannequins. By playing with the landscape and view, Snarkitecture is forcing people to look — and hopefully think — about clothing differently.

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