Candy is Sweet

Walking towards The Standard last night, one could see the wigs and heels towering over people as drag queens jumped out of cabs, cackled down the sidewalk, and scooted up to Le Bain for Candy Magazine‘s end-of-fashion week party.

What a doozy! Although everyone feigns fashion fatigue after the long and tedious week, loads turned up for the fete including Mark Holgate, Hanuk, Brian Coats, Victor Glemaud, Yana Kamps, Alex Galan, Florence Belda, and Kate Flemming.

And then there were the real show-stoppers, the trannies, tranny-lovers, and trannies-in-training, including Linda Simpson, Justin Bond, Amanda Lepore, Lady Fag, Darian Darling, and countless other high-heeled revelers.

Kids, this was my dream come true: Glitter! Feathers! That view of the Hudson! And early ’90s house music!

Anyone who knows me knows I always shout at the DJ, "Play something with black ladies hollerin’ and pianos tinkling!" And that is exactly what she played ALL NIGHT LONG!

Daddy shed some of that fashion week weight on the dance floor last night.

I had a moment with the lovely Luis Venegas, founder of Candy, to ask him the impetus for hosting this party.

"I think we have created this trend of putting transsexuals in fashion so it’s the perfect time to celebrate. We planted the seed!" he gushed.

Did he catch Lea T on Oprah today?

"Sadly, no! But I love it. We have reached the mainstream!"

Indeed, trannies have reached the next level. Meanwhile I’m reaching for my Advil to satiate one hell of a hangover.

Bye lovers! See you next Fashion Week!

-Cator Sparks

Photos courtesy of Hanuk

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