Chromeo and Snarkitecture Present 'The White Room'

There’s still time to take a ride with Chromeo — if you’re fast. From noon until 6 p.m. on September 25, Tumblr IRL‘s two-day art installation "The White Room," by the electrofunk duo and Snarkitecture, will be parked in Milk Gallery. That’s parked in the literal sense, because half of the installation is an all-white Firebird jutting out of an all-white foam mountain that you might recognize from the latest video preview for the duo’s upcoming album White Women.

Last night, the entire gang hosted an opening party and answered approximately 25,000 questions and posed for about 50,000 photos in front of the installation.

"We just brainstormed," Chromeo’s Dave 1 said of their teaming up with Snarkitecture. "The way the foam is carved out is one of their trademarks and it’s really a synthesis of our two aesthetics."

Every few minutes somebody would honk the Firebird’s horn. They didn’t get kicked out because guests are allowed to get in the car and make believe they’ve just come to the end of a Ferris Beuller-type joyride. And even beyond the installation’s slick look, Dave 1 said that hopping inside the Firebird was special for multiple reasons: "I don’t know how to drive so it always feels exotic."

Photos by Drew Levin, Video by Cameo

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