All In The Milk Family: Tracy Alfajora

As usual, it started in the Milk Bar. First there was an innocent drink after the day’s shoot. Then another. And then somehow everyone ended up in the Penthouse with one of our favorite people, makeup artist Tracy Alfajora — who’s so good she can make even us look pretty — jumping in front of the camera alongside a random interloper clad in a cat mask and foam finger. These things happen.

Milk Made: What’s your favorite part of the Internet?

Tracy Alfajora: That people can be Internet famous for absolutely no reason. They can have hardcore followers of nothing. It’s a weird subculture that I’m really interested in, and it didn’t exist before. It’s crazy that people can live off a hashtag.

MM: Who’s your favorite Internet famous person?

TA: A few months ago I did a music video for an artist named Le1f. I guess one way to call him is a queer rapper. It’s strange to me that I was alive before the Internet even existed and now it’s evolved so much. At first I thought it was bullshit but now I think it’s kind of amazing that it exists.

MM: If you were a movie, which movie would you be?

TA: Maybe Desperately Seeking Susan or Weekend at Bernie’s. Or maybe a mix of that and what’s that Christian Slater movie? Gleaming the Cube. I don’t know if I want to reference skateboarding but it’s been a big part of my life.

MM: Do you skateboard?

TA: No, but I lived in San Francisco in the ‘90s so I was definitely around it. I lived in a skate house from 19 to 21, right before I moved to New York.

MM: Time for a photo industry question. Who’s your favorite person to work with?

TA: A great girl is always an amazing muse and keeps the flow and keeps it creative and entertaining, whether it’s with a great face or a good energy. Right now I love a few people. I love Hanne Gaby, and I just did a video with Ali Michael and she really killed it.

MM: What else are you doing?

TA: I’m doing a series featuring me as a beauty blogger called “Extreme Makeup with Tracy.” It’s going to be on the Opening Ceremony site and it’ll be weird, random things that inspire me and that I’ve always wanted to do but I don’t get to do in my job like art direct and pick everything from clothes to the hair to which direction we’ll go.

MM: What’s extreme about it?

TA: In the first three, we did one girl as Barbie, another girl as a hairajuku goth and we did a guy as… I don’t even know what to call it. I glued about 200 Swarovski crystals to his face and made him into a Swarovski skull.

MM: That sounds pretty extreme.

TA: Yeah.

Follow Tracy on Twitter and Instagram at @tracyalfajora.

Photo by Michael Marquez
Styling by Nicholas Grasa

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