The Heroes (And Villains) of New York Comic Con Return

The stars of dozens of shows and films hold court at New York Comic Con every year, but it’s the fans who are the festival’s main attraction. Masquerading as their favorite heroes through some very ambitious cosplay, the creativity on display is mind boggling.

A growing trend this year was the mash-up costume styles. There were steam punk Avengers, a 1950s James Dean-styled Justice League and Victorian era versions of Marvel super heroes. Anime is now mainstream and a major industry in the U.S thanks to a new generation of American kids brought up on more than Western animation, and now we’re seeing the obsessive stylings from the streets of Tokyo and their respective cartoon obsessions flooding the Comic Con floor.

And of course there were some rather clever concepts such as a cheeky X-Men-themed protest against the U.S government shutdown, with signs blaming mutants for Washington’s predicament because "God Hates Mags" (aka Magneto). Across the entry atrium, seven people crossed the floor dressed in black, sporting an assortment of oddly placed plastic swords on their backs and limbs. It wasn’t until they stopped and arranged themselves to the massing crowd that it became clear they were making a human version of the "Iron Throne" from Game Of Thrones.

No doubt there were some very confused tourists at the nearby 34th St. subway station as fans made their way home. I for one was curious how the 8-foot tall Voltron made it out of there.

Photography by Andrew Boyle

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