Photo Story: Dusan Reljin, 'BOOM 2'

When guests arrive at fashion photographer Dusan Reljin’s upcoming BG BOOM in Milk Gallery on October 22, they’ll get a first-hand view of the merging of his two worlds. The first is the photography industry that has seen him shoot assignments for W magazine, InStyle, GQ among a host of other publications. The other is his home city of Belgrade, which he photographed more than a decade after the 1999 NATO bombings during the Kosovo War. Reljin later spliced these photos with images of models taken from his different fashion shoots to represent the collision between the two very different spheres of his life. Here are his thoughts behind the image he calls “BOOM 2.”

This image of Natasa Vojnovic was shot during the same trip as when I photographed the bombed buildings in 2010. It’s a Serbian girl shot in Serbia by a Serbian photographer. The reality of these images is that they are dark and depressing. The colors were applied in the hopes of giving them a lighter feeling. I saw these images as becoming more than just a documentation of bombed buildings, and the model’s pose acts as a complement to the background.

BG Boom runs from October 22 through November 4 in Milk Gallery. RSVP here for the opening reception at 7-10pm on Tuesday, October 22.

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