Summer Memories

If the groundhog is spring’s unofficial mascot, then the annual reemergence of the pumpkin spice epidemic surely signifies we’re well into fall. But before we begin contemplating punny Halloween costumes and sipping beer from a boot, let’s give summer a proper send-off with Desiré’ van den Berg’s photos from Lowlands Music Festival back in August.

For 50,000 Dutch teens and twenty-somethings, Lowlands is an annual pilgrimage to revel three days straight in a state of sensory bliss. And since the festival grounds are surrounded on all sides by kilometers of cow fields and wind farms, real life is but a distant memory that fades with each passing hour and cup of Grolsch.

This year’s line up included Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar, Band of Horses, Major Lazer, Alabama Shakes, AlunaGeorge, HAIM, and others. After the main acts finish each night, and despite hours spent sprinting between stages through a torrential downpour, the masses migrate to on-site discotheques and bars for a night “out.” There are even themed venues such as the Titty Twister, which recreates the vibe of a seedy karaoke bar/strip club, and a 24-hour stage, presumably for insomniacs and dedicated partiers.

By the end of the first day, I bore a striking and unfortunate resemblance to my parents’ poodle after getting caught off guard by the sprinkler. Lowlands: 1 / Emily: 0. But next year I will be more prepared with the necessary supplies to survive the weekend intact: Snazzy poncho. Comfortable rain boots. Pair of pants. And large jar of Nutella from Duty Free.

Photography by Desiré van den Berg

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