The GIF Whisperers: Ira Chernova and Mr. GIF

A couple of weeks ago at Burberry Brit Rhythm NYC we ran into some of our favorite Internet people, Ira Chernova and Mr. GIF (aka Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo), doing what they do best — turning real life into something better online.

We couldn’t actually hear anything they were saying because Peace was busy tearing down the house, but we called them later to find out more about their work for Burberry and what they’ve been doing since teaming up with us for fashion week.

What have you been up to lately?

Ira Chernova: Same old – combining freelance photography and modeling work. Shot some new editorials, started experimenting with polaroid postproduction and a bit more.

Mr. GIF: Other than the Burberry party, we have a bunch of projects that we’re working on but nothing with a date. We did just do a video with Maison Martin Margiela that we popped off and we’re really proud of it. It’s the first video we tried — we’ve only done GIFs before.

What did you think of Burberry Brit Rhythm NYC? What was your favorite part?

IC: It’s great to see events different from others. Burberry did a great job on putting together the party and the show.

Mr. GIF: I like the scent, I’m wearing it right now [laughs]. The band Peace was pretty cool. It’s always cool to listen to music you’ve never heard of before.

What were you trying to capture at the Brit Rhythm NYC?

IC: I worked as photographer on tour with my friends The Dillinger Escape Plan before; so I was shooting the Burberry Brit launch from this point of view – capturing the performance.

Mr. GIF: Black and white and music work together, hand in hand. It’s classic rock and roll. Trying to capture that was kind of our goal and it was fun. The energy and the confetti at the very end were cool too. I had a sweaty neck and I thought the confetti was awesome until I get home and I’m peeling these metal foils off my neck. [laughs] The whole campaign is black and white contrast, and the super bright lights give the gifs a nice movement.

What are your favorite memories of MADE Fashion Week?

Ira Chernova: Being a part of Milk Made always feels like working with family; It’s such an easy, enjoyable time around great people.

Mr. GIF: It’s kind of a blur. The Blonds was super entertaining. I was like a kid at a candy store when they fired up the smoke machine and especially when the astronaut came on in the beginning. It was better than watching Gravity. Working with IMG Models was interesting and seeing their model orientation — I didn’t know they had things like that.

What’s coming up for you?

IC: Flying to LA in a week and to London in another month. As always, I’m in the middle of few different things and looking for more interesting collaborations.

Mr. GIF: For Halloween, I want to bring pixel art back from the dead. We’re just going to make a whole bunch of dancing zombies [laughs].

Artwork provided by Ira Chernova and Mr. GIF

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