Madonna the Pied Piper by Richard Corman

Years before Madonna was selling out stadiums, she was already drawing crowds on the dirty streets of New York’s Lower East Side. It’s all in Richard Corman’s new photography book, Madonna NYC83, which you’ll be able to see at the upcoming Milk Gallery special exhibition that opens to the public November 15. But we hate waiting, so we asked Corman to pick one of his favorite photos of the young singer and tell us what was going on. Here’s what he said:

She was the pied piper of the neighborhood. The kids in the back of the building adored her ’cause she used to just go up to the roof and sing and dance with the kids, and that was a daily occurrence.

Literally we started walking out of her apartment and she just screamed down the banister, “We’re going up to the roof guys! Come on up!” And they just followed her. Look at the casting. If you were doing an ad shoot today, that’s what you would be looking for and you can never find it. Look at what they’re wearing — every one of them are perfect character studies.

Madonna NYC83 runs in Milk Gallery from November 15 to December 15. It’s coming, people.

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