Grab A Pina Colada, It's Metatropic!

When was the last time you saw a fashion film inspired by Dee-Lite’s mod-glam "Groove is in the Heart"? Well, sister, you are in for a treat because director Lewis Meyer recruited a talented team to create Metatropic, a fashion film sprinkled with pina colada vibes and set on a spinning pineapple. Featuring clothes by Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood and Yigal Azrouel; hair by Brian Buenaventura and a fierce house track by DJ Lawrence Lee aka Total Fitness, you won’t want to miss this video. After you dive into the short film, read on to learn what Lewis said when we forced him to explain what part of his brain stores all this magic.

Milk Made: Obviously spinning pineapples are the perfect platform for a fashion video, but how did you hit upon the idea?

Lewis Meyer: Well, I knew summer was ending and I suppose I wanted a giant, boozy pina colada! No, but honestly, the spinning motion was a good vehicle to make the pin-up poses come alive. The ominous feeling of the huge pineapple orbing became more and more of an antagonist, which really sets it all off! Every story needs an adversary even if it’s a fashion story and the adversary is the trend itself.

MM: There are so many fun elements here — the "Priscilla-Presley-after-an-8-ball" hair, the music, the clothes…. how do they all fit together?

LM: When I was 10, I found a gnarly dusty box in my parent’s Chicago home that had all my father’s Playboy magazines dating back from as early as 1964 — of course, when I found the magazines it was the ‘90s, when sugar pop, boy bands, Bill Clinton and grunge were infiltrating evvvverrything. I recently found the magazines again and I was really inspired by the Alberto Vargas imagery, the girls, but more importantly the meta idea of reinterpreting an era reinterpreting an era. In particular, all the Hawaiian/tropical imagery during the pin-up era was really fruity and sweet, and it’s something that has been influencing men, women and our entire culture for the last five decades. So we thought it would be fascinating to reinterpret the same girls in a hyper-digital, sugary world, with similar iconography, and a sensibility in the styling that is a real nod to that era.

MM: How did the team come together to make this project?

LM: I pitched a really dense yet colorful treatment to the artist’s agents and everyone was down for it. I specifically remember calling Brian, our hair stylist, and being like "Girl, you ready to do a ratchet interpretation of Pricilla Presley in 1969?" And of course he did such a killer job. Our makeup artist Wendy really is such a talented pro, and Karen is incredibly dedicated and a talented stylist. The whole team was really a dream team.

MM: How many people on the project actually used to dance to Dee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart”? Be honest!

LWM: Deeeeeeeee-Light! Get with it! Probably everybody — Although we shamelessly ended the shoot with Rihanna’s S&M, featuring the everyday legend Ms. Britney Spears. Too bad we didn’t have any strawberry daiquiris on set… It was basically a beach party.

Directed by Lewis Meyer

Music: "Get Busy" by Total Fitness

Featuring: Catherine Hudson @ One.1 Management, Chantal Kammermann @ One.1 Management, Annika Hatje @ Elite

Cinematography: Jose Cota

Edit: Lewis Meyer

VFX Serena Forghieri

Assistant Director Stefania Consarino

Assistant Coordinator: Francesca Consarino

A/C & Gaffer: Abbie Krinsky-Rogoff

Hair: Brian Buenaventura @ Management Artists

Makeup: Wendy Karcher

Styling: Karin Elgai for

Stylist Assistant Bruce Huremovic

Clothes by: Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood, Karen Walker, Temperley London, Nadia Tarr, Yigal Azrouel, Osklen, Richard Chai, Camilla & Marc, Wouter & Hendrix, Missguided, Marissa Webb, C/Fan, Tanya Taylor, Chrissie Morris, Novis, Julia Jentzsch, Zana Bayne, Issa London, Iosselliani, Michael Spirito, Carhartt, Dr. Martens, Orla Kiely

Special Thanks: Nicole Maddox, Sara Greco, Sophia Rothbart, Megan Kiantos, Javier Martinez

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