He Loves Me Not: Leila Spilman by Shelby Goldstein

Over the course of five days, five Milk Underground photographers worked with model Leila Spilman to shoot five exclusive editorial stories. Each photographer on our roster was chosen for their distinct look and style, and built their own teams of wardrobe stylists, hair and make-up artists and photo assistants.

Since 2011, Milk Made and Milk Gallery have been cultivating and growing a laundry list of some of the most talented underground photographers of our generation. They’ve been hand selected by the team at Milk, as well as a changing panel of outside curators and judges. The list of Milk Underground photographers has grown so vast that it reaches out of the US and into countries such as France and Brazil. For this reason alone, we wanted to display not one but five different photographers to give just a taste of the talent found in our ranks.

Day 3: Shelby Goldstein

Shelby Goldstein is one of the newest and youngest members of the Milk Underground community. Goldstein’s feminine, sophisticated touch brings out a glow in Leila that results in a more youthful and modern look. Shelby hasn’t shot with Milk Made as much as other Milk Underground photographers such as Christopher Swainston and Anthony Cabaero, but we definitely see where a talent like hers fits into our grand design.

Photographer: Shelby Goldstein
Stylist: Brigid Moore
Art Director: Kalvin Lazarte
Hair Stylist: Clint Mattoni
Make-up Artist: Emma Fortini
Prop Stylist: Tyson Mason
Digital Technician: Abigail Mitchell
Photo Assistant: Marcel Vocino

Look 1: Playsuit: Raquel Allegra, body chain: Maria Francesca Pepe, shoes: Christian Cota

Look 2: Top: Neuw Denim, skirt: Aryn K, collar: Raquel Allegra, leather collar in saddle:, bracelets: stylist’s own, shoes: Christian Cota

Look 3: Dress: Aryn K, waist coat: Rachael Cassar, bracelet: Maria Francesca Pepe, hat: model’s own, shoes: Christian Cota

Check back each day to see the rest of the Milk Underground photo series featuring Leila Spilman.

A Touch of Red by Anthony Cabaero

Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em by Christopher Swainston

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