The Rarified Air Of Snow Craft Pioneers

The second season of Snow Craft is back and series creators Jesse and Lukas Huffman have turned their documentary lens onto the sharpest minds and fingers in the board shaping business. Last week’s episode one follows Jesse Loomis as he molds the barest of ingredients — wood and epoxy — into one of his signature minimalist PowderJet boards.

"I love that it’s just wood bent in a certain shape," Loomis says in the episode. "I get nervous every time I’m going to lay a board because there are so many steps and I have to be paying attention to everything."

In the brand-new episode 2, Corey Smith of Spring Break Snowboards shows off his collection of boards whose designs are almost as eccentric as their names: Beetlejuice, Logan’s Run, Wolf Powder, Air Wolf and Mellow Yellow, to name a few. "I wanted to think of different ways to snowboard and different snowboards we could build," Smith says.

Follow the series for more insight by the designers, plus plenty of sick snowboarding on each of the unconventional boards. Catch future episodes at Transworld Snowboarding.

Photography by Shem Roose

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