It's Yeti Time At Saks Fifth Avenue

There are very few occasions that would bring the Milk Made team out of the warmth of the Milk Bar and into one of the coldest days of the month but the Monday unveiling of the Saks Fifth Avenue holiday window was such an occasion.

At the corner of 50th Street and 5th Avenue, VIP guests were treated to a blanket and a monogrammed thermos of hot chocolate. The heavenly sounds of The Young People’s Chorus led by Francisco Nunez began soon after everyone was seated and Santa finished holding court with children trying to schmooze their way onto the "nice" list. Then violinist Joshua Bell and singer Frankie Moreno made the 20 degree weather pleasant with their renditions of Christmas classics. As faux snow fell from the… (I’m not really sure where the hell it came from actually) the American Ballet Theatre followed with an exclusive performance by its talented young dancers.

The story of the Yeti is one that I’m sure we can all relate to: An underappreciated snowmaker moves to the Big Apple to prove his snowflakes are the shit. What better way to show off his talents than in the towers of Saks Fifth Avenue (swagg)? So Saks unveiled its windows to celebrate this renowned flake maker with interactive window displays.

In the grand finale, Iris Worldwide created a 3D light show we couldn’t get enough of as snowflakes, ice skaters and the Yeti danced across the building’s exterior. One of the coolest moments of the night hands down was when guests could use The Science Project’s technology to create their own snowflake and personal Yeti name and then flick it into a Saks windows with a smartphone or tablet.

"We were fixated on great storytelling and using state of the art technology to bring the user into the fantastic story," The Science Project Managing Partner Jeremy Bergstein (aka Jay-Freeze BRRRRRnstein to his Yeti friends) told Milk Made.

If you didn’t catch the Monday unveiling, don’t fret — you can still catch the show ’till the end of the holidays. So thank you, modern technology, and The Science Project. Now it’s time for a hot toddy.

Photography by JP Agustin

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