Milk Made Mixtape: Driving Myself Around At Night: Side B

It’s winter. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones hanging out under a palm tree, this means you’ll be shoveling your driveway and sprinkling salt on your stoop. It means you’ll be cutting the tips off your drugstore gloves so you can keep texting as you trudge through snow on your way to work. It means seasonal depression is a viable excuse for why you can’t pull yourself away from video games to pick up your clean clothes from the laundromat.

There are silver linings to the season. Like those snowy nights when you’re the only person driving down a dark road. Your headlights cutting through the darkness. The snow flakes falling softly towards your windshield looking like stars during light speed as they disappear the moment they touch the glass.

Those late night drives deserve the perfect soundtrack. Which is why I’ve created a new Milk Made Mixtape entitled Driving Myself Around At Night: Side B. The flip side to my first Driving Myself Around At Night mixtape is another complete playlist of songs perfect for a lonely winter night behind the wheel.

And since this is a winter mix and the weather outside is frightfully shitty, I decided the best way to start this mixtape off was with an old song by Moby called "When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die".


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