Coco Rocha: Oh So Techno

When Coco Rocha speaks, we drop everything and listen — especially when she’s talking about technology. The superstar model and, oh yeah, PC Mag tech editor, spoke to CNN International in a new video segment published yesterday about the power of social media and a little project headed by LEGS that you may have heard of called Lexus Design Disrupted.

Coco (we’re on a first-name basis) along with Eva Herzivogá talked about the state of modeling in 2013, which understandably is really big into Twitter. "We just never had the chance to say, hey, people are interested in the modeling word, people are interested in what models bring to brands," Coco said. She has 660,000 followers on Twitter, so obviously she knows what she’s talking about.

"We’re going to embrace technology a lot more," she added, though we’re not sure how it’s possible to embrace technology more fully than when she literally danced with herself during last season’s Design Disrupted show headed by multimedia studio LEGS in collaboration with ELLE and Lexus

"They had this amazing technology that was a hologram and I was dancing with myself," she said. "So not only was it beautiful but we were getting into this whole effect with art, fashion and music. And I think these three things, plus technology, need to combine themselves in order to have that effect being, wow, I will remember that forever."

If you haven’t already, check out the video for Lexus Design Disrupted and then try to imagine how fashion, music and technology will merge next. How about a Coco robo-dance-cyborg?

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