Milk Made Mixtape: The So So Glos' Lost Weekend

Fresh off their cross-country tour, our friends The So So Glos have escaped from Bushwick’s icy tundra to sunny California, where most people would be satisfied to lounge by the beach and sip Manhattans — but not our boys. They’ve been shooting a music video for their song "Speak Easy," when they haven’t been too busy opening for Brand New.

We interrupted their five seconds of peace to ask them to put together a mixtape that captures their current vibes and they came back with the "Lost Weekend" playlist, featuring a California state of mind with tracks by Joni Mitchell, Hole and of course, some 2Pac. And don’t worry about about the band relocating to that other coast anytime soon. Not only are they back in their hometown Brooklyn later this month, but they’ll be carrying some of that Cali swagg. Stay tuned for our interview with the So So Glos, coming soon.

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