The Milk Holiday Party

Mixed in with the dancing and good cheer at the Milk Holiday party was a tinge of bittersweetness, because in the back of everyone’s mind we knew it’d be another 12 months before the best party of the year comes around again.

The night kicked off with champagne and well wishes from Milk’s New York family for another successful year. It wasn’t long before The Standard Hotel’s Biergarten was filled to bursting with old and new friends toasting a neverending supply of beer steins while working through an equally impressive variety of meats.

As the winter chill stalked the streets outside, David Katz kept everyone moving on the dance floor — and sometimes on top of the dinner tables. Meanwhile, the Milk Digital party photo booth brought together drunken friends and strangers alike to flash holiday smiles and the occasional bare ass.

Here’s to another year among the best friends possible. Happy Holidays everyone.

Photography by Sam Deitch

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