Dev Hynes Lost Everything In A Fire (And Needs Your Help)

A couple of nights ago, the opposite of a Christmas miracle struck British music man and all-around nice guy Dev Hynes. Hynes, who performs under the name Blood Orange and has produced for Solange Knowles, took to Twitter to spread the sad news:

"Last night, the unthinkable happened. My entire apt burnt down while I was out. I’ve lost everything I own, including scores, hard drives, clothes, sentimental items. Everything from my life is gone. My dog died in the fire. I will love you forever Cupid. I miss you. I still don’t own a phone. So email me if you need to get in touch. I might need some time. Thanks."

That’s some rough stuff, and our sympathies go out to Hynes. Losing a lifetime of music production is terrible enough, but Cupid the dog was an adorable little guy who deserved a chance to frolic through parks and deposit those mysterious puddles that decorate New York’s streets.

The silver lining is that the mother of Hyne’s girlfriend — Friends singer Samantha Urbani — set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help get Hynes back on his feet. Almost $20,000 has been raised in the day since the page was published, far surpassing its initial goal of $5,000. Way to be, holiday people.

And if that doesn’t completely exorcise the spirit of giving from your system, then there are plenty of other places to donate your time and money, like the NYC Food Bank and New York Foundation for the Arts.

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