The Work of Charlie Immer

The rainbow-colored oil paintings of artist Charlie Immer build an imaginary universe full of adorable melting monstrosities. In Immer’s made up world, where cute means terrifying, the artist bends the rules of what’s possible as if he were twisting taffy to create colorful confections in the shape of strange nightmares.

"My concepts come from my fascination with anatomy and my love of candy and toys," Immer told Juxtapoz magazine. "I have so much fun creating the blood and bones of my characters. The contrast of the smooth bodies and the complex systems beneath spilling out is very appealing to me."

The nostalgia brought on by each of Immer’s illustrations is distorted by the fact that each of the characters are warped into the kind of nightmares you might have if you have too much caffeine before bed time. Apparitions in the shape of Gumby and Pokey run through a forest in one of Immer’s latest paintings entitled "Rainbow Drops," while in another painting, a needle-nosed character smiles as he fits star-shaped blocks into his torso, much like the popular teaching toys from grade school.

Other paintings are not so nice, showcasing nightmarish skeletons ripping off their masks to reveal their jelly-filled inner selves. This amalgam of cute, colorful and absolutely terrifying places Immer’s work in good company. It seems as though more and more we are seeing contemporary illustrators and fine artists mixing the bizarre with the beautiful and the creepy with the cute. Milk Made‘s good buddy Alex Pardee is a perfect example of an artist who loves to walk the line between "Mom… can I keep him!?" and "Mom… there’s something in my closet!" This might be the reason why Pardee chose Immer’s painting to adorn the cover of the Juxtapoz Imagination Issue that he recently curated. The Imagination Issue is filled with dream lands housing entire worlds full of an ever-progressing, reoccurring cast of characters created by artists such as Tara McPherson, Craola, Matt Richie and yes, Charlie Immer.

To see more work by artist Charlie Immer, check out his website or hurry as fast as you can and pick up the Imagination Issue of Juxtapoz Magazine

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