Skating in India

From the moment our crew landed in Delhi, skateboarding gave us an extremely unique connection to the people of India. Within minutes of skating a spot, hundreds of locals would surround us with a sense of intrigue and enthusiasm we had never witnessed before on tours.

This photo was taken at the Old Delhi Railway station, which is built in all red stone and is the oldest railway station in Delhi. Literally thousands of people were posted up in groups on the ground; eating, drinking and patiently waiting for overnight trains. Our 8-person crew landed more tricks in this 20-minute session than at any other time due to the energy and encouragement from the spectators. It was epic!

Kids were retrieving our skateboards quickly when someone fell, and families would clear a path for us so we had enough space to build up speed. We took a bunch of portraits with the locals after the police finally forced us to stop skating. It was a bonding experience for us all.

For 21 days we explored India. Bangalore and Mumbai were as delightful as Delhi. Snapping a kickflip, skitchin’ a tuk tuk, hanging out with monkeys at the skate spots, or just rolling through the city weaving in and out of holy cows wandering the streets was such an awesome feeling. Each day was an adventure and full of surprises. One day, we even saw a massive cobra hissing at us from the grass as we took a shortcut to a skatepark. We were so scared. I threw a rock at it to make matters worse.

The photos and footage from this trip are incredible. Check out the 15-minute film from the tour by Nasvay Skateboards to see more!

Photo by Krayuhin

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