The Coachella 2014 Lineup Is Here

The 2014 Coachella lineup was released late last night and, honestly, we haven’t been able to sleep since. We’re too busy planning out how we’re going to catch all our favorite acts what with OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire headlining the two weekends and bands such as The Knife, Lorde, Beck, and Neutral Milk Hotel filling in the massive lineup. We took a quick poll around the Milk Made offices for our most anticipated acts, and then shift your eyes to the left for the complete list. It’s a doozy.

The Knife

The Knife never comes to America. I almost went to France just to see them perform. Their live shows look like psychedelic witchcraft. I saw Fever Ray perform in New York, and even that was the best show I’ve ever seen. – Kalvin Lazarte

Naked, The Famous, Lorde, Motörhead, Pet Shop Boys

There’s plenty to like for this year. Naked and The Famous and Lorde will be worth the effort, they justify any hype via actual talent and are a perfect answer to the talentless female vocal drivel like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, etc that sadly grab the music headlines these days. It’s the older acts that always get me excited too and in particular I will be front of center for Motörhead and Pet Shop Boys, given the likes of any electronic based music acts today owe a huge debt to the English duo. – Andrew Boyle

The Knife, Pet Shop Boys, AFI

The Knife are the hot, snobby girls that you want to date (or be), but never can. They are gracing the States with their electronic presence. “Shaking the Habitual” was one of the best albums of 2013. Pet Shop Boys are among the pioneers of electro. Many DJ-producers have cited them as musical influences. I want to sing “West End Girls” outside of karaoke…finally. I’m a sucker for emo punk nostalgia. I was one of the hormonal teens singing “Silver and Cold” as if I was being paid a royalty. I’m still that girl actually. Maybe Skrillex will revert to his rocker-Sonny-in-From First To Last ways and jam out to "The Leaving Song Pt. II” with AFI. – Gabrielle Nicole Pharms

Bombino, Ratking

Bombino is a self-taught guitarist from Niger and he absolutely shreds on the Taureg guitar. Going to his show is like going to a Saharan folk dance party–he gets down. Also representing for NYC — Ratking– the hip hop trio that includes members Hak, Wiki, and Sporting Life. Hak and Wiki spit rhymes over SL’s futuristic beats, but it’s Hak’s reggae-influenced voice that really sets them apart. Their performances are ill. – Alexandra Thurmond

Photos by Koury Angelo and Andrew Boyle

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