Action Bronson: Blue Chips 2 Begins


Fans’ cheers shook the building at Action Bronson’s concert this weekend at Irving Plaza, kicking off his Blue Chips 2 tour with two sold out shows. The follow up to his 2012 mixtape, Blue Chips 2 is another standout collaboration from Bronson and producer Party Supplies, a pairing that is lethal in the best way –- like eating steak every meal “just to make a statement.” Party Supplies pieces together sounds from the far reaches of the Internet and musical canon, creating a rich canvas for Bronson’s signature brand of snack-laden rap.

Stepping onto the stage as Party Supplies played the backing to “Silverado,” Bronson came out like a boxer ready to lay it all out on the line. Hood up, bottle in hand, he began to spit rhymes as the crowd clung to every word, joining in on the track’s epic stanza, “Why the fuck would I have a bodyguard / If I look just like a mother fucking bodyguard.” Bronson’s bravado, a product of his stature and swagger, filled the room as he engaged with audience, shaking hands in the front row and encouraging everyone to throw their middle fingers up.

The Queens-bred rapper embodies the unapologetic attitude that comes through in his lyrics, which at times seemed a bit too harsh set against The Alchemist’s more traditional hip hop style on Rare Chandeliers and Saab Stories. But matched with Party Supplies’ often humorous amalgamations of samples and sounds, Bronson’s wicked wit is less biting and manages to create a world where the smoke rolls and alcohol flows through each and every delicious course.

As they launched into “Contemporary Man,” Party Supplies deftly waded through samples that ranged from Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” to John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” and Phil Collins’ “Sussudio.” They stuck mostly to the new material, but threw in Saab classics “The Rockers” and “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” for good measure, and admittedly it was the older tracks that really had the audience riled up. But as engaging as it was to hear Bronson backed by Party Supplies’ pieced-together melodies -– proving he can rap over just about anything –- it was the a capella flow during “It Concerns Me” that took the cake. “I seen a lot but I ain’t seen it all,” a particularly poignant line that speaks not only to his experience, but also his talent.

As the final song came to a close, Action Bronson proclaimed his love for the NYC crew and left the stage. The set, clocking in at just 45 minutes, left some wanting more, and those that waited got one final taste of Bronsoliño as he stepped outside to delight in a few pastries -– and a few kisses from his female fans. For anyone who was in the building this weekend, there’s no doubt about it: Action Bronson is the hero in his hometown — and beyond.

Photos By Sam Deitch

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