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“As soon as we get comfortable with something, we move onto the next,” said Alejandro Alcocer in his interview for Saturdays Magazine issue #003. In many ways that describes the evolution of Saturdays NYC itself, a surf-slash-coffee shop that has quickly developed into one of the city’s most innovative lifestyle brands and an integral part of New York culture. “When we first opened the space on Crosby Street, we got asked a lot what Saturdays was — a coffee shop, a surf shop, a clothing brand,” recalled Colin Tunstall, one of the three founders along with Morgan Collett and Josh Rosen. “The magazine was an opportunity to show the things we are interested in and to present the unique perspective of our brand–to do something new.”

Now in its third installment, the publication is a rich collection of people, places, photographs, and stories that are near and dear to the Saturdays crew. This issue includes a collection of portraits of New York icons by Henry Leutwyler, the photographer and neighbor who has become a close friend since they first opened their doors. From Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese to Charlie Chaplin’s cane and Basquiat’s glasses, his images capture New York artifacts ingrained in the city’s ethos. Stunning photos off the shores of Fiji, the Gold Coast, and Nova Scotia accompany interviews with surf legends Shaun Tomson and Sam George, who share stories of dropping in on the world’s most epic waves. A rare interview with Colette owner Sarah Andelman provided an opportunity to collaborate with an old friend, and present the work of one of her favorite artists, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, who drew her for the issue.

For the first time, the magazine launch coincides with an exhibit at Milk Gallery, bringing the magazine’s images and inspiring text to life on a much larger scale. “It was the perfect opportunity to use a gallery space and treat the magazine like an exhibition, to take spreads we thought were unique and put them up and invite people to see them and have a good time,” Colin said. On the west wall of the gallery, the entire magazine is laid out page by page, enveloping everyone in the world of issue #003.

At last night’s launch party, friends, family, collaborators and contributors filled the gallery, trading surf stories and tales of the city over whiskey and PBRs. It felt like a house party on the shores of the beach, which would have been preferable given the single digit temps outside. And though the Saturdays team just closed this issue, their thoughts are already onto the next: “Now people are coming to us with ideas and images, from NYC and all over the globe,” Colin said. “It’s just about piecing it together in the right way, bringing in unexpected notes that surprise you but still fit.” An extension of the Saturdays way of life.

Photos by Masha Maltsava; Magazine previews courtesy of Saturdays Magazine

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